The Bistro

Come in and try Giovanni's famous pizzas!

Come in and visit our bistro for the best pizzas in NSW, made by our very own pizza chefs. They even make their own pastry!

The bistro is open between 12pm – 2pm and 5.30pm – 8.00pm, Wednesday to Monday. Monday-Pizzas Only

Private functions are available and a courtesy bus is provided upon request.

See our menu below!


Pizza Bar – Eat In Or Take Away

Open Wednesday-Monday (Monday-Pizza Only)

During Normal Trading Hours – Ring Your Order Through – 44 471 202

The Supremo

Tomato Base  Ham  Roast Beef  Bacon  Cabanossi  Pepperoni  Onion  Pineapple  Mushroom  Capsicum  Olives  Anchovies   

Lg $25.00  Sml $15.00

The Beef Eater

BBQ Base  Pepperoni  Bacon  Ham  Cabanossi  Roast Beef

Lg $24.00  Sml $14.00

The Hawaiian

Tomato Base  Ham  Pineapple

Lg $21.00  Sml $13.00

The Butchers Block

BBQ Base  Roast Beef  Ham  Bacon  Pepperoni  Hollandaise Sauce  Chives

Lg $26.00  Sml $16.00

The Pepperoni

Tomato Base  Pepperoni

Lg $21.00  Sml $13.00

The Chicken & Bacon

BBQ Base  Chicken  Bacon  Mushroom  Onion

Lg $24.00  Sml $14.00

The Aussie 

Tomato Base  Egg  Bacon

Lg $21.00  Sml $13.00

The Vegie Deluxe

 Tomato Base  Pineapple  Capsicum  Mushroom  Cherry Tomatoes  Onion  Kalamata Olives  Fresh Basil

Lg $21.00  Sml $13.00

The Ham + Cheese

 Tomato Base  Ham  Cheese

Lg $21.00  Sml $13.00

The Reef & Beef

Tomato Base  Roast Beef  Prawns  Onion  Cherry Tomato  Hollandaise Sauce  Chives

Lg $27.00  Sml $17.00

The Spicy Mexicano

Salsa Base  Ham  Pepperoni  Capsicum  Onion  Chilli

Lg $24.00  Sml $14.00

The Margarita

Tomato Base  Sliced Tomato  Italian Herbs  Fresh Basil

Lg $16.00  Sml $11.00

The Antipasto

Tomato Base  Salami  Pepperoni  Sundried Tomatoes  Roasted Capsicum  Kalamata Olives  Anchovies

Lg $24.00  Sml $14.00

The Cheese Pizza

Lg $11.00  Sml $7.00

The Mustard + Cheese Pizza

Lg $11.00  Sml $7.00

The Garlic + Cheese Pizza

Lg $11.00  Sml $7.00

Garlic Bread


Extra Veg +$1.00 Extra Meat +$2.00 Add Prawns +$3.00





fresh local sydney rock oysters


  • natural                                                                                                                                  $18 doz/$9 half doz
  • kilpatrick                                                                                                                              $22 doz/$11 half doz


turkish roll with garlic butter                                                                                                       $4


bowl of salad                                                                                                                                    $6


bowl of chips                                                                                                                                    $7


bowl of seasonal steamed veg                                                                                                       $7


bowl of mash and gravy                                                                                                                 $5




SEAFOOD (served with choice of chips & salad or mash & vegetables)


szechuan pepper spiced  prawns                                                                                                  $19


szechuan pepper spiced  squid                                                                                                     $19


local fresh blackfish - beer battered, crumbed or grilled                                                        $18


homemade crumbed prawns cutlets                                                                                           $19


grilled barramundi fillet                                                                                                                $23




MEAT (served with choice of chips & salad or mash & vegetables)


400g t-bone                                                                                                                                      $26


300g scotch fillet                                                                                                                             $28


crumbed lamb cutlets                                                                                                                    $25


grilled chicken breast                                                                                                                     $18


chicken schnitzel                                                                                                                             $19


chicken parmigiana                                                                                                                        $21







BURGERS (served with chips)



steak burger – lettuce, tomato, onion relish, cheese & seeded mustard                                               $19


grilled chicken burger – lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon & homemade aioli                                        $18


chicken schnitzel burger – lettuce, tomato, cheese, aioli                                                                         $19


beef burger – lettuce, tomato, beetroot, cheese, bacon & BBQ sauce                                                   $18


BLT – lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese & homemade aioli                                                                        $17


veggie – grilled mushroom, grilled tomato, carrot, lettuce, seeded mustard, onion jam                 $16






warm beef salad – steak, lettuce, mushrooms, onion, fried egg & ranch dressing                            $18


grilled chicken – chicken, tomato, carrot, cucumber & ranch dressing                                               $17


grilled prawns – prawns, tomato, cucumber, carrot, onion & soy ginger dressing                            $19






seafood marinara fettuccini – assorted seafood in a creamy garlic sauce                                           $23


fettuccini bosciola – bacon & mushroom in a cream sauce                                                                    $19


chicken napoli fettuccini – chicken, mushroom, onion & bacon in a tomato sauce                          $19






nuggets & chips                                                                                                                              $9


fish cocktails  & chips                                                                                                                    $9


cheeseburger & chips                                                                                                                    $9


grilled chicken breast & chips                                                                                                     $9





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